The Wander Story

It all started with a paper map on a lake.

Over a decade ago, AJ (our founder and CEO) was at Lake Powell with her family. They were using the standard paper map to navigate, along with google maps for GPS. After some frustration over a paper map flapping in the wind, and google maps not having reliable service, she decided to solve the problem by developing the Lake Powell Map App, which after two years was published as the first offline, satellite, GPS enabled map app on the app store. It was on t he App Store for several years, and used by thousands of Lake Powell Visitors, as well as the National Park Rangers.

After seeing this problem continue to effect millions of destinations and travelers all over the world, she decided to create a solution that allows any destination to do what she did for Lake Powell, without writing or deploying a single line of code.

Wander's goal is to make traveling and recreating safer and easier by making it as simple as possible for destinations to share their knowledge with visitors through a custom interactive map experience.

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