Take a tour of the Wander platform.

The Wander Map Builder is where each map is created, customized, and updated in real-time.

Each Wander map is available as a stand-alone webpage, removing the need for a mobile app.

All maps can be published on the Wander App.

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For DMOs

With Wander, DMOs can finally utilize the interactive maps they actually need and that visitors actually want. 

See how Wander maps can integrate with the destination marketing you’re already doing.

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For State Parks

Stop wasting time and money on paper maps!

With ever-changing trail conditions and park info, Wander allows state park offices to always provide a current guide to visitors, no paper or cellular reception necessary.

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For Private Resorts

Help your guests get the most out of their visit. Build a map for making memories with Wander.

Give your visitors a premium, interactive map experience with a simple QR code scan.

Building Your Maps

Integrating Your Maps