"High Value" Positioning for Destinations as Regional Travel Surges

If there's one thing we can learn from the latest tourism trends, it's that high value positioning is key for destinations looking to capitalize on regional travel surges.

There are several ways to go about promoting the value of your destination. One way is to communicate how many unique experiences can be found clustered together within a certain radius. No one likes having to drive 30 minutes between each activity. Not understanding proximity of different restaurants, activities, and attractions causes discomfort when a visitor is looking to gain confidence in their travel purchase.

One way to help visitors understand proximity is through an interactive map!  Online travel shoppers can zoom in and out of areas to see how different attractions are positioned in relation to each other.

Interactive mapping is not only a great way to show off the value of your destination, but it's also a helpful tool for trip planning. Once prospective visitors have an understanding of what your destination has to offer, they can start piecing together their ideal itinerary.

If you're looking to position your destination as a high value travel option, interactive mapping is a great place to start. It's an essential tool for promoting the unique experiences that can be found in your destination, and it's a helpful trip planning tool for visitors.

For example, show visitors that they can rent kayaks in the morning, stop at a fun restaurant for lunch, and then stop at the park right next to the ice cream shop, and then make it back to the hotel by nap time.

The quicker a visitor can gain confidence in a destination's offering, the more likely they will book a trip and go!

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