Build your map with us.

Provide a premium visitor navigation experience

No more confusing paper maps! Create a visitor-centered map that everyone will love to use. This map will allow visitors to track their location, discover the popular places to see, navigate in 3D.

Your Map, Your Branding

We are the platform, you are the brand. By selecting custom colors and styles you can quickly make your wander map match the look and feel of your unique brand.  Provide a custom experience to your visitors without requiring them to download an app they may only use once.

One Map, All Platforms

Keep your visitor mapping solutions consistent across all digital platforms. While subscribing to Wander, you can embed your map on your website, have it published on the wander app, and make it available on your visitors mobile phone browser. Give visitors a seamless mapping experience from trip discovery, planning, navigating, and sharing.

Create Brand-Visitor Relationships People Will Want to Come Back To 

Create location centric push notifications, send updates, deals, and keep your visitors in the "know". Instant updates allow you to communicate to your visitors, keep people safe, and build a relationship they will thank you for. 

Good data allows better understanding and growth. Our data will allow you to crowdsource wait times, see usage statistics, and identify congestion areas to better inform your business decisions. Visualize your visitor information in one convenient place.

Gain Insight from Visitor Data

"No Way, Really?" Pricing

Software development is expensive. Even if we are talking cookie cutter apps. The upfront cost and the cost of updating your code are needless expenses with wander. 

We are excited to work with you to create a premium mapping experience for your visitors. Send us your email and we will be in contact with you shortly.

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